Poem – David Wooley

Pursued by a Bear – David Wooley


For William Brown


You never know

when the plane’s

going to strike the tow-


the shit

hit the fan

the scorpion sting,so

it’s best to plough on

pile up the paint

drink deep, jack-

daw up all the little

bits and pieces of this

absurd mess, make some

language out of it – a bit

of anglo-saxon, celt, queb_

ecois; scoop up all the

world’s strange creatures,

tale from the far edge

of places. Distil them

with a measure

of humanity, dis-

regard for the beura-

critic crap, the ivory tower.

Hard work is a virtue

you upheld, and lived

enough for two

lifetimes, yet still we’re

all amazed that you’re not there.

Drink up and get on with it

you’d have said:

exit William Brown

pursued by a bear…

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